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Caerwys Historical Society

Founded 2010

2021 - Lectures - are currently being held virtually

October Lecture


Cymdeithas Hanesyddol Caerwys




 Fair Holy Ones


Nos Iau Hydref 14eg 2021 am 7.30 y.h

Thursday 14th October 2021 at 7.30 p.m


Merched Crefyddol Cymru yn yr Oesoedd Canol
Religious Women in Medieval Wales


Darlith ar-lein yn Saesneg / Online Lecture delivered in English

Gan / By

Amy Reynolds 

Contacting the Society 

The Committee consists of ten members as set out below. All enquiries should be addressed to the Society Secretary - as below: 

Society Secretary

Carys Biddle


Tel: 01352 721049


Heather Fitzgerald

Vice Chairman

Tim Erasmus


Phillip Parry 

Membership Secretary

Beth Jones

Programme Secretary

Robert Jackson 

Committee Members

Paul Broadbent

Denis Fitzgerald

Vicky Jones

Alan Platt

History of the Society

During 2008/09 a group of residents came together to participate in the production of ‘Discover Caerwys’, one of a set of publications about Flintshire past and present, produced by Cadwyn Clwyd and Flintshire County Council. This group also attracted funding from Cadwyn Clwyd and Caerwys Town Council in 2010 to produce a book, ‘Caerwys – A History Since Victorian Times’ written by Dr Tim Erasmus. A copy of this book was distributed free to each household in the Community area of Caerwys. The book was also donated to Libraries, Schools and Universities in Wales.

Further copies of the book, ‘Caerwys  –  A History Since Victorian Times’ (pictured below) are available from the Society. It will be priced at £10.00 a copy ( Plus postage cost, if required  -  £2.00 ).

In October 2010 the Caerwys Historical Society was formed. Permission was granted by the Caerwys Town Council to use the Town Crest which appears on our documents. Our Constitution, which is reviewed at the yearly Annual General Meeting of the Society, states: the aim of the Society is to advance public knowledge in all aspects of the history of Caerwys and the surrounding district. In furtherance of this object the Society shall have the power to do all or any of the following:

Caerwys Since Victorian Times

Caerwys – A History Since Victorian Times
( click to enlarge )

  •  Organise lectures, meetings, excursions and exhibitions

  •  Produce publications

  •  Provide an archive of historical material for public consultation

  •  Co-operate and foster good relations with other organisations having related interests

  •  Raise funds in furtherance of the aims of the Society



Mary Bach

Mary Bach; Our Nain, her life

By Carys Biddle

Published by Carys Biddle, Caerwys Historical Society Secretary

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the British Heart Foundation

Still Going Strong - The Shops of Caerwys

Click above photograph for further information

Journeys End - The Railway

Click above photograph for further information

Iechyd Dda - The Pubs of Caerwys

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The Shops and Services of Caerwys

Tim Erasmus, Meirion Morgan, Will Hebson, Mike Evans, Elinor Sharrock, Jim Falshaw, Roland Ward and Others

Edited by Alice Ward

Published by Caerwys Historical Society, based on the Christmas lecture 2016


Caerwys People Remember ‘The Railway’

Compiled by Alice Ward

Published by Caerwys Historical Society, based on the New Year lecture in January 2016 


The Pubs of Caerwys

History and Recollections

Andrew Davies & Tim Erasmus

Edited by Alice Ward

Published by Caerwys Historical Society, based on the Christmas lecture 2017

The Pioneering Vets of Caerwys  -  Booklet

Cover picture taken from Y Meddyg Anifeiliaid  (The Animal Doctor)

Click to enlarge

The Pioneering Vets of Caerwys

My father, Vic Thomas, was the vet in Caerwys from 1946 to 1983. He was very proud of the fact that the Caerwys practice had a long history and he believed it to be one of the oldest in the country.

Over the years I have tried to research the history of the practice and found that there have been vets in Caerwys for as long as there has been a recognised veterinary profession and that they have been not merely practitioners but professional pioneers.

Vicky Jones, 2014  



Susan Elizabeth Williams

Susan Elizabeth Williams  -  Teacher at Caerwys Primary School

Click photograph to upload thesis


Thesis of Susan Elizabeth Williams 

Susan Elizabeth Williams was a teacher at Caerwys Primary School, until her retirement in the late 1960’s. Mrs. Williams also resided in Caerwys and wrote a 71 page long thesis for her teaching degree, which contains a tremendous amount of local history, together with interesting memories and anecdotes of events in Caerwys and the area. The family of Mrs. Williams have kindly granted permission to the Historical Society, to publish the thesis on this web site.

The thesis, which is mainly in English, with parts in the Welsh language, has been saved and uploaded in a pdf document, with no editing performed from the original document.  

Please click on the photograph of Mrs. Williams (to the left) whereby the thesis will upload.

Tom Lloyd Roberts - Caerwys

Roual Chaiter - Caerwys Logo

The late Tom Lloyd Roberts (Caerwys Historian & Antiquarian Bookseller)
was commissioned by the Royal Charter Committee to provide content for a brochure printed to celebrate the Caerwys Royal Charter celebrations in July 1990.

The report was named:

'Caerwys It's History in Fact and Folklore'

Please click on the left hand side photograph to open a pdf copy of a

'Light-hearted and informal review of the history and legend of Caerwys'



The Road to Caerwys

In search of the Bohemian road (Dr. Tim Erasmus)

(With special gratitude to the consistently wonderful Caerwys historical Society) 

 Inspired by materials shared on the Caerwys Historical Society Facebook page, I set about a brief investigation into toll gates, which led to the discovery of a mysterious lost road. 

This micro-study illustrates the challenges facing the historian;
it highlights the varying reliability and utility of evidence,
 and the role of opinion when reaching a judgement. 

Presented with the same evidence others will draw different conclusions;
history is always being rewritten.

  (Please click on the left hand side map to open a pdf copy of:
'In search of the Bohemian road') 


The Society has a healthy membership which is open to all at an annual fee of £10 and is free to under-18s in full time education. It is not necessary to be a member to attend our lectures but a small fee of £2.00 is requested at the door from non-members. 
Further Activities

In addition to the above, members of the Committee are currently working on an archive of historical documents and photographs and are recording ‘living memories’ of Caerwys residents.

Audio Visual Equipment for Community Use

The Society acquired a projector, screen, laptop, scanner and hand-held recorder all of which are available free-of-charge for use by the community of Caerwys. Please contact Paul Broadbent to arrange on: 01352 - 720993 or by e-mail:  Funding for this equipment came from Cadwyn Clwyd, The Historical Society and Age UK Caerwys.


A series of five heritage postcards has been published by the Society and are available from local vendors  -  as photographs below ( click to enlarge )

Caerwys High Street - click to enlarge

Caerwys High Street

Caerwys Town Square Peace Tree - click to enlarge

Caerwys Town Square - Peace Tree

Caerwys South Street - click to enlarge

Caerwys - South Street

Driving down Caerwys Hill to Afonwen - click to enlarge

Caerwys Hill - to Afonwen 

The Fountain in Afonwen - click to enlarge

The Fountain in Afonwen